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A Flair for Writing can help you with just about any writing task. You have a flair for writing – we have a flair for publishing!

A Flair for Writing was created by Donna Erickson, an award-winning, published writer with more than 25 years of experience, who has retired and sold the business to new owners Ruth E. Thaler-Carter and Charles Davis. Under the new ownership. A Flair for Writing remains available for all of your professional writing, editing, or publishing needs, including graphic design for book covers and layout/production services for interiors, as well as making your book available through today's major publishing outlets.


For more information about current owners Ruth E. Thaler-Carter and Charles Davis, can be found on the About Us page.

While the approach of the new owners may be a little different, our mission remains based on sound business ethics and publishing experience. We have the platform and tools to offer you the best in independent publishing services today—no gimmicks, no lies—just honest, affordable services. We want to differentiate ourselves from the many unscrupulous publishing companies doing business today. We offer legitimate servicees. We are the ethical publisher!



A Flair for Writing will not let you down ...

"I just recently published my first book and A Flair for Writing was instrumental in helping me make that happen. A Flair for Writing went above and beyond the call of duty to personalize her services and meet my needs ...

"... I would highly recommend [their] services to other aspiring authors. ... Whether you are a first-time author or a seasoned professional, A Flair for Writing will not let you down. ..."
J. Palermo