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What do dedicated guitarists really need in an instructional manual? You’ll probably agree that the answer is certainly not another predictable “How To… book. My client, Joel Wanasek, has come up with a better idea. I’m searching for a literary market for his 35,000+-word manuscript entitled, The Ultimate Guide to Becoming A Guitar Virtuoso. Unlike most current publications that teach guitar and music theory, this book is highly philosophical in its approach and discloses exclusive techniques and coveted information passed down from generations of elite guitar virtuosos. It has been written to assist passionate guitarists in mastering their instrument to the highest creative level possible. This book will become a first in exposing valuable secrets previously known only by a select number of seasoned guitar gurus. It will teach mastery from a unique perspective that has never been covered in a published book.

Joel’s book is composed of three sections. The first section, Philosophy, addresses critical ideas about guitar playing, including common misconceptions, practice strategies, motivation rules, and staying healthy to extend your career. The second section, Technical and Musical Development, focuses on mastering guitar techniques, developing incomparable speed, and achieving rapid advancement in practicing. The final section, Completing the Package, offers invaluable musical wisdom for die-hard musicians, including networking and business advice, mastering the art of live performance, and succeeding by becoming autodidactic. In this section, he has focused on topics that no other author has previously related to guitar playing.

Joel has twelve years of professional experience as a guitar player, nine years as an instructor, and eight years as a violin player. For three years, he performed with the prestigious Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra. He currently plays lead guitar for the heavy metal band Dark Shift. After a South American tour, they released their second CD, Gaining Ground. Dark Shift received the Best Metal Act Award at the 2004 New York International Music Fest, and has recently signed with Astral Records/Blue Pie Productions. Joel is the owner of JTW Studios, a professional recording company specializing in hard rock/metal regional music production. In addition, he has created and maintains one of the largest guitar virtuoso instructional sites on the internet, – winner of the Best Instructional Site/Rockin’ the Web Awards and the Free Sheet Music Appreciation Award. Joel noticed that different people were asking him the same questions. Those thousands of emails inspired him to write this book because he saw a need for it in the market place and addressed it.

Enclosed is a SASE for your reply. If you prefer, you may email Joel at I look forward to hearing from you, and I am prepared to send either a partial or complete manuscript. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Peter Sarianides Jr., Agent



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